Global Health Diplomacy

The unprecedented challenges posed due to pandemics and other public health emergencies of international concern threaten the basic functions of foreign policy related to global security; economic stability; human dignity; and social justice. These novel developments and in the context of reported health disasters in the recent past has led to increased interest among academicians and researchers in what is increasingly called “health diplomacy” or “global health diplomacy”. However, with growing interest in global health diplomacy, the need for more clarity on health diplomacy concepts, contextualization and understanding of interlinkages, institutions, actors and sectors influencing global health diplomacy is of utmost significance.

Learning Outcomes

Course Content

Global Health Diplomacy concepts and application; Discussion on 5C’s – COVID/Conflict/Crisis/Carbon/Climate and role of future of health diplomacy; Discussion on role of WHO (Health), WTO (Trade) and WIPO (IP) in Global Health Diplomacy; Interactive workshop on IHR reforms

Name of the Coordinators

Dr. Sanjay Pattanshetty
Mr Aniruddha Inamdar
Mr Kiran Bhatt
Mr Anirudh Prem

Distinctive Features

Offered by

Centre for Health Diplomacy, Prasanna School of Public Health, MAHE