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Tropical Ecosystems – The western Ghats Biodiversity hotspot

Tropical ecosystems are home to some of the fascinating life forms on the planet. The diverse landscapes and habitats, which include rainforests, mangroves, and grasslands, provide a home for a wide range of biological diversity. Furthermore, tropical ecosystems are a major carbon sink, storing up to 40% of global carbon stock. With increasing population and anthropogenic pressure, tropical ecosystems are considered globally vulnerable. South and south-east Asia’s tropical ecosystems are no exception. The great Western Ghats of peninsular India is one of the world’s hottest hotspots, home to many endemic, rare, endangered, and threatened species. This course will introduce the participants to the diversity, structure, and function of tropical ecosystems in the face of global climate change and anthropogenic pressure. The course will also provide first-hand experience working in the tropical forests of the central Western Ghats.

Learning Outcomes

Course Content

Introduction to tropical ecosystems – habitat types, distribution, and significance; The Western Ghats – Geological history, habitat heterogeneity, forest ecosystems; Qualitative and quantitative estimation – Flora & fauna; Tropical mangroves; grasslands; Ecological status and conservation needs.

Name of the Coordinators

Dr. Vivek Pandi
Dr. Navya Reghu
Dr. Naimisha Vanik

Distinctive Features

Offered by

Manipal Centre for Natural Sciencess , MAHE