Wilderness Medicine

KMC, Manipal is strategically situated on the south-western coast of India. To the east are the biodiverse Western Ghats and to the west are the coastal wetlands and paddy fields which extend up to the shores of the Arabian Sea on the Konkan Coast. As a developing city the human wilderness interface is burdened heavily with human-wildlife conflict such as snake bite, hymenoptera, scorpion envenomations and animal attacks from Indian Gaurs, Wild boars etc. The complex river system bound by tidal mangroves, vast coastline, increasing fishing and tourist activities has a high burden of marine and fresh water emergencies including drowning. In addition, the vast wilderness requires exploration, community awareness at grassroot and medical services on expedition. This summer school will focus on the field of Wilderness Medicine and the disease and injury burdens it focuses on.

Learning Outcomes

Course Content

Envenomation-Snakes, hymenopterans, scorpions; Animal attacks- Indian Gaur, Wild boar, Sloth Bear, Felines, Canids; Basic Dive Medicine; Expedition Prep; Conservation Medicine and one health in Wilderness Medicine


Name of the Coordinators

Dr Jayaraj Mymbilly Balakrishnan
Dr Freston Marc Sirus

Distinctive Features

Offered by

Centre for Wilderness Medicine and Department of Emergency Medicine