Navigating the Global Workplace

Our quality of life, identities, and well-being are strongly influenced by our work. There is, however, growing difficulty in finding and keeping meaningful, fair, safe, and sustainable work. “Navigating the Global Workplace” examines the changing nature of today’s increasingly globalized workplaces and labour markets. In working with diverse teams, it addresses behavioural and technical competencies such as leadership, ethics and business acumen. In addition, it provides tools to increase intercultural sensitivity and effective communication, enabling participants to successfully navigate global workplaces by increasing self-awareness and practical knowledge.

Learning Outcomes

Course Content

Navigating Organisation – Focusing on organisational culture;Understanding Leadership styles – dealing with the leaderships styles and the various ethical conundrum; Communicating in an Intercultural Environment; Managing Businesses for Value creation; Managing Diverse Teams and learning effective methods to handle conflict in an intercultural organisation and how to learn the art of effective negotiation

Name of the Coordinators

Ms Aroor Aatmika Shetty
Dr Adithya D Shetty
Mr Lumen Shawn Lobo

Distinctive Features

Offered by

Department of Commerce, MAHE