Indian Cinema

Through this course, students would be able to understand how Indian films probe questions of national identity, gender, race, class, etc. Students would be exposed to art films and popular films to study how these films portray Indian society and culture.

Learning Outcomes

Course Content

  • Unit One: History of cinema in India – the times and people, social and political environment in which Indian cinema took shape.

  • Unit Two: Indian cinema or Bollywood- Art films vs. popular films, the golden era of Indian cinema, realism in Indian cinema. The social, the mythic and the historical.

  • Unit Three: India on screen – National narratives, National identity in popular Indian cinema, the Indian men and women, urban and rural, gender and modernity. Film style – Song and dance, sets and costume.

  • Unit Four: Multi-ethnic society – religion in Indian films. Society – The idea of good and bad, the angry young man phenomenon. 

  • Unit Five: Diaspora films – Indian films and global mass appeal, Indianised Disco and other dance and forms. Growth of major regional film industries (Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi, Bhojpuri, etc.)

Name of the Coordinators

Dr. Shubha HS
Kartikey Goswami

Distinctive Features

Offered by

Manipal Institute of Communication, MAHE